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The olive tree, tree of peace, has been cultivated in Liguria since antiquity.
Through the centuries, it has enabled the habitants of the region between Nice and Alassio to survive.
The restoration of Olive mills, as part of the Alcotra project, together with the setting up of the Cooperative of the High Valley of Taggiasca confirms the renewed interest in the olive culture.
Although this ancient practice may not recover to its full glory, great results can be expected from bringing this sustainable agriculture back to life.
Since the catastrophic frost of 1985, Apricale chose to enhance and develop its touristic and cultural heritage. A new local production of high quality olive will contribute to this vocation.

from “Per uni storia dell’olivicoltura ad Apricale”, text to accompany the exhibition and publication Urivei e Ruvei retracing the history of agriculture in the region starting in the 12th century.

by Marco Cassini – Apricalese historian, dialect poet, painter and engraver, volunteer Councillor, anxious dreamer, and “two arms stolen from the agriculture”.

The photographs were commissioned by the region of Liguria to track all small producers of Olive trees and follow them in showing their places and activities from how to make rabbit traps to taking care of ancient trees.

David Ancelin, Karim Ghelloussi, Didier Mahieu, Marie Roux